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"Inguinal Hernia - Post Op Symptoms

If you are reading this there is a chance you are going to have an Inguinal Hernia repaired and are wondering what sort of issues you might have after surgery.

I have have had four Inguinal Hernias and the after surgery issues have been different each time. It all depends on the size of the Hernia but there are certain issues that are common to all. You may experience some of these issues and of course you may have other issues

I have listed each of the issues below.

1) General pain and discomfort from the groin will be there for a few days especially when moving about. Normal pain killers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen should be adequate.

2) Having a bowel movement maybe delayed by a few days and although this is uncomfortable it is better than having the motion the day after surgery as that action tenses all the muscles in the abdomen which includes where the operation was carried out. There is less pain waiting a few days.

3) Having Sore Testicles is very likely, especially the one on the side that the surgery was done on. The discomfort will slowly subside but will remain for a few weeks. It is better to wear underpants that support the testicles.

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4) The area where the incision was made will have cut all the nerve endings in the skin and initially the area is all numb but as the nerve endings repair themselves expect to have tingling, itching and stinging sensations in the area. Underwear rubbing on the area makes things worse so chose underwear where the elastic waist is higher than the incision. These sensations will subside after a week or two depending on how large the insicion was.

5) You may find your eyesight is a little out of focus especially if you need to wear spectacles. The general anesthetic you were given can cause this to occur and it can takes a couple of days or weeks for the eye sight to return to normal.

6) Urinating can be a little uncomfortable as well but that usually does not last too long.