May, 2018  2.00

Hernia Pants

I have been unfortunate to have had four Inguinal Hernias and each time I have needed to save up some money for the operation and the longer I waited the more uncomfortable the hernia became. I had considered getting a hernia belt but they looked so uncomfortable. My last hernia caused the most problems and that's when I saw Hernia Pants as shown in the photo below. These pants are very confortable indeed. They have pockets in the groin area where you can place a piece of foam or any material that you choose to provide pressure against the groin in order to stop the hernia from getting too big. These pants will only suit small hernias as the elastic in the pants can only provide a small amount of pressure unlike a hernia belt.

The pressure was perfect for my hernia, however the more you moved about the hernia would finally come all the way out but it took an hour to two for this to happen where as not wearing the hernia pants at all the hernia would only take 10 mins to fully bulge out so they were of great assistance. I wore these pants for 3 months until I had enough money to have the operation.

Herniapants - image copyright Bluray Pharma Ltd

These hernia pants are available from Bluray Pharma Ltd in the UK They have a few styles available to suit your body style and requirements.