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Resmed - F20 Airfit and Airtouch - QuietAir update

The best Full Face CPAP Mask on the market ( 2019 )

The Resmed F20 Full Face mask is available in the Airfit and Airtouch. The only difference is the Airfit has a silicone seal and the Airtouch has a memory foam seal. The silicone seal on the Airfit is rather stiff and it is simply not comfortable on my face at all. In fact it is the most uncomfortable mask I have ever tried. This may not be the case for everyone but I don't understand why the silicone is so hard. Previous Resmed masks have used softer silicone so why the change I don't know. However in saying that, the mask gives a very good seal.

The Airtouch ( Memory Foam ) is incredibly comfortable, it is even more comfortable than the Fisher and Paykel Simplus. The catch is that the memory foam cushion will only last 4 - 8 weeks (depending on the usage) before it starts to break. In my case the cushion stayed perfect for 8 weeks and then a break started to appear at the top where the cushion fits over the nose. The memory foam cushions are a little expensive but it is going to depend on how long the cushion lasts for you. The break in the foam has not caused any leakage as yet so I am still using it - I will update this when it finally fails.

Update:- The break at the top of the foam that I had experienced on more than one occasion is due to the mask being too tight and also it can happen if you accidentally go to sleep on your stomach. Your head is on it's side into the pillow and that forced the top of the nose into the top area. If you regularly adjust the mask so that it is a comfortable fit and clean the cushion with a face wipe every night the cushion will last at least 3 months.

The Resmed F20 does make some noise from the exhalation port. It's not bad, but there are other masks that make less noise. Once you get use to the noise it is not a problem. One advantage to having the exhalation port in the elbow is you will not get any whistling noises occuring if you have too much condensation occurring in cold weather. This is a common problem for masks with the port in the top of the mask.

Update -- Resmed have released the Quiet Air version which has a modification to the exhalation port and now there is no noise at all - Perfect !!!!

The Entraintment valves (located in the elbow) require more air pressure to keep them closed than other masks which is a bit odd so you have to get use to beathing slowly while in ramp time otherwise you will hear the thump from the valves closing as you breathe in and out. It's not a big problem as you get use to it fairly quickly but I can't see any reason for it being like that. I did purchase a new elbow but it was exactly the same.

When cleaning the cushion it is a good idea not to get it wet. Using a face wipe does the job perfectly.

The headgear on the Resmed F20 is not stretchy at all which means you will need to unclip the headgear before removing it. The clips have magnets on them to attach to the mask frame rather than the normal plastic clip arrangement CPAP masks have. This works very well and is quiet to clip on and off.

The Resmed F20 with the Airtouch cushion is a great mask and is now my favourite mask.

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Comfort Score - Airfit = 5/10
Comfort Score - AirTouch with Quiet Air = 9.9/10.
Pros = Airtouch extremely comfortable and great seal.
Quiet Air version - No noise from exhalation port - Amazing !!!!
Great Headgear, easy to clean
Cons = Exhalation port could be quieter on original Airfit / Airtouch. Silicone Mask on Airfit not as comfortable as others