May 13, 2014  2.00

Fisher and Paykel - Simplus

The Simplus mask is by far the best Full Face CPAP mask I have tried ( april 2017 ). Previously the Fisher and Paykel Forma was the best so Fisher and Paykel have done it again. It is quiet, comfortable and gives a great seal.

The Forma was comfortable but I did have to have it adjusted tightly against my face to get a good seal which did leave a few marks on my face in the morning but the Simplus leaves no marks at all. The headgear is made from stretchy material which means you don't have to undo the clips on the side when you put the mask on or when taking off. Cleaning is simple and easy as the mask clips out from the frame. Many Full Face masks can often press on the bridge of the nose causing bruising, this simply does not happen with the Simplus. That area is soft and flexible.

I liked this mask so much that I bought a spare but I found it to be noisier than the first one. I discovered that the entrainment valve was causing the problem. I suspected it was faulty and returned it but the next mask was the same. I explained the situation to my local supplier and I check out the rest of their stock and discovered that some made more noise than others. If your going to purchase one of these masks make sure you visit your local CPAP supplier for a fitting and make sure you get one that is quiet. Maybe there was a batch of entrainment valves that were not perfect and this was just a temporary issue.

The only other noise that can happen is if you have rainout issues in the mask there can be a whistling noise from the exhaust ports on the top of the mask. This only seems to happens at low pressure when in ramp time. Once the pressure has exceeded 6 or so then the force of the air blows the moisture droplets out of the small holes in the exhuast port. This is a great mask and replacement parts are not expensive.

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Comfort Score - 8/10

Pros = Lightweight, Great Seal, Stretchy Headgear

Cons = None that I can find