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Var-e-Shift. Transmission Controller

Designed by for Mitsubishi Delica Series 1 and 2

The TPS ( Throttle Position Sensor ) in the Delica starts to wear out over time and it sends the incorrect data to the ECU which causes the transmission to change gears at the wrong speed or revs. In my Delica the gear change from first to second gear happened almost immediately I took off.

Now this is not a big problem as the 3.0 litre V6 in the Delica has a lot of low down grunt but the gear change from 2nd to 3rd happened very quickly indeed so I was in top gear within 10 seconds of driving. I could have replaced the TPS which you can buy an aftermarket version from Ebay for around $120.00 - $150.00 ( apr 2018) but installing is a bit tricky as it is located behind the inlet manifold so some mechanical dexterity is required to do the job. If you took the vehicle to the mechanic to fix it could cost up to $500.00 or maybe even more depending on whether the TPS was OEM or aftermarket.

While replacing the TPS would solve some of the issues, it's not the only thing that decides when to change gear. There are other sensors in the Delica which tell the ECU when to change gear and all of them are going to be out of calibration if your Delica is more than 10 years old. Replacing all the sensors would be rather expensive, so the simple way to fix the problem is to fit the Var-e-Shift.

I decided to give the var-e-shift a go and what a huge difference that made to the performance. It only took 15 mins to install and calibrate and now I can vary when the gear changes happen.

The vehicles temperature effects the gear change timing ( because the sensors in the vehicle are not working correctly ) so when I start driving I have the var-e-shift set low. This provides a quick gear change and does not rev the engine too hard in 1st gear which is the last thing I want when the vehicle is cold. When the vehicle warms up I can increase the var-e-shift and allow the vehicle to rev more in each gear.

I located the var-e-shift on the right hand side near the light dimmer control ( see photo ) This allows easy access when driving. The switch on the var-e-shift turns it off and the TPS in the vehicle is now controlling the ECU and the gear change time.

There is one other problem that can develop in an old Delica. Hard shifting from the Auto Transmission. There are a number of things can cause this to occur but a common issue is higher than normal fluid pressure. All the sensors in the vehicle determine this pressure but being able to change the data from the TPS with the var-e-shift will allow the gears to change at certain revs that make the shifts a bit smoother.

Fitting the var-e-shift is an easy way to keep the Delica driving more like it use to and if you are like me you want the Delica to last forever as they are a great vehicle. So head on over to and get yourself a var-e-shift.

Photo of Var-e-Shift fitted in my 1996 Mitsubishi Delica

Photo of Var-e-Shift installed on the right hand side of the dash

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